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Join the Passport To The World Club, a cultural and culinary adventure that includes an on-line experience and a “project-in-a-box” that arrives on your doorstep every month!!

Explore Mount Olympus in Greece, the Louvre in France, or the ancient ruins in Mexico, all from the comfort of your own home. The on-line experience introduces children to new places where they’ll discover historic landmarks, foreign language, ethnic recipes and fun craft projects. Once they arrive at the Passport to the World Club site, they’ll be introduced to a Ginger Kids character who will show children around their native land!

The Passport Club encourages families to spend quality time together exploring other cultures. The “hands-on” cooking, craft and game activities provide hours of fun!!

The Passport to the World Club’s mission is to educate and inspire children to gain an appreciation of other people, places, foods, traditions and more. The culinary component is always a fun activity as they get to make and taste foods from around the world!.

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